You Need a Plan Before You Need a Plan – Your Convictions

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Convictions are the values and commitments that are non-negotiable for you.

Here’s the thing about convictions. You need to have them before you find yourself in a position of needing them. By the time you figure out you may need some convictions, it’s too late.

  • The weight of the moment, the pang and the urgency of the passion will outweigh and overwhelm any shred of conscience you might have.
  • Any semblance of conscience will lose out to the overwhelming pull of the flesh 100% of the time unless you have already predetermined what convictions and commitments are non-negotiable before-hand.

You need to have a plan before you need a plan.

You need to have tested out your convictions prior to finding yourself in a crisis of character.

That’s what convictions are.

So what are your convictions? What are your non-negotiables? You need a plan before you need a plan.

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