It’s All Junk

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 1.49.39 PM.png

We moved….again.

In a matter of months, all the girls will have moved out of the house and it will be just Helen, Kaleb, and me. We wanted to downsize.

As we have worked on getting the house ready to move, it is astonishing to me how much junk we have.


We have:

  • nice junk,
  • expensive junk,
  • junky junk,
  • cheap junk,
  • junk no one would ever want,
  • junk we donated,
  • junk we gave away,
  • junk we haven’t used in years,
  • junk we only use once every couple of years
  • really nice junk

There are some treasures in the house. But the treasures are only treasures for me and my family.


  • Pictures of my family, drawings and small knick-knacks kids made when they were little
  • T-shirts from different vacations, trips, and events that have special meaning for me and my family
  • The heart pillow I got after my open heart by-pass surgery
  • My high school football jersey. It’s tattered, numbers are falling off. No one would ever want it, but I treasure it

But, here’s the thing about all the junk and the treasures: all of it will one day end up in the junk yard with all the other junk and “treasures”.

Every junk yard contains junk and treasures that people have fought over, divorced over, stolen, spent overtime working to pay for over. There is some junk that people have even killed over.

But it’s all there.

All of it.

All of it ends up in the junk yard.

Life is more than the accumulation of junk.

The sooner we learn that the sooner we will start truly living.

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