Screenshot 2018-05-22 at 2.03.49 PMI will be on Sabbatical from June 1 until August 31.
Here are some questions I get asked when folks learn I will be taking a Sabbatical:
What will you be doing on your Sabbatical?
I will be resting, reading, and reflecting.
The first part of my Sabbatical will be to practice Sabbath – a cessation from the normal routines of preaching and leading. After a couple of weeks to adjust to a new pattern, I will be in Virginia to read. The main goal is to read and research about creating a culture of discipleship and being more effective with reaching the Boomers and retirees with the good news of Jesus Christ. Finally, I will spend August in Thailand as I reflect on the next season of ministry here at the Little Church on the Prairie and Lakewood Grace.
Why Virginia?
I went to seminary in Richmond, VA. I will be staying close enough to the seminary where I can spend most my days either at the seminary library or a cafe near by. Libraries and cafes are some of my favorite places to read.
Why Thailand?
When I was looking at places to go for the last portion of the Sabbatical, there were several criteria:
1. A place with good public transport so I would not need to rent a car
2. A place where there were lots of cafes within walking distance
3. A place that’s cheap!
There were several places that popped up, but I chose to go with Thailand because it was so cheap.
I will be praying for you and the Little Church and Lakewood Grace. I will be thinking of you quite often. I will post blogs up regularly on things I am experiencing. You can find a link to my blog on the Little Church’s web pageĀ
Remember to pray for me, and I look forward to being back in the saddle September 1.
Pastor James <><

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