If I Were a Cow, I Would Like to be a South Dakotan Cow and other Random Reflections from the Road


Been on the road for five days now. Here are some random reflections and thoughts from the road:

  1. America is beautiful! Well, most of it. Montana and Wyoming are truly spectacular. I understand why people fall in love with the land.

    I am pretty sure I discovered the place where Lightning Mcqueen and Sally go driving on the outskirts of Radiator Springs…

    Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 11.43.25 AM.png

    It’s in Wyoming, right outside of Yellowstone National Park’s East Gate. I would have loved to have been riding instead of driving. So beautiful!!!

  2. The cattle in South Dakota are much more social than the cows in Montana and Wyoming.

    The cattle in Montana and Wyoming are scattered all over the place…each cow doing its own thing over vast expanse of land.

    But, cattle in South Dakota are always bunched up together. There is still vast expanse of land, but these cattle are always hanging out together in one corner or parcel of land over the vast expanse.

    If I were a cow, I think I would rather be a South Dakota Cow.

  3. A good night’s sleep makes all the difference in the world!

    When I’m traveling with my wife or kids, I typically never book a hotel less than 2.5 stars.

    But when I’m traveling by myself, the only things I require is a place to shower and sleep. It really doesn’t matter what kind of a motel/hotel it is….so I thought.

    I was fortunate the first two nights of lodging. I booked the cheapest rooms I could find and they turned out fine.

    Not the 3rd night. What a nightmare! The entire motel stunk! It smelled so bad! It was in the carpet, the sheets, the bedding, the pillow…everywhere. I should have left when I smelled it in the lobby. But since I had already prepaid for the room, I decided to stay.

    What a mistake. I tossed and turned until 2am and seriously considered leaving then and sleeping at a rest area in the car. But I was so tired. But every time I breathed in, that smell. Every time I turned or moved, the smell was in the sheets, the bed, the pillow and it was making me sick!

    Finally at 6am, I left the motel.

    Lesson: Don’t get the cheapest motel. Get a reputable one and pay a few more bucks. A good night’s sleep is more than worth the extra few bucks.

  4. What the heck Illinois people?!?!?!

    Move over if you’re going slow in the fast lane.

    Most people in Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and Indiana get it. Why don’t you get it!!! The fast lane is for passing not for lollygagging! Move over Illinois people!

  5. Love the speed limit in Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota – 80MPH!!! Yeah!!!

    After driving through Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota, driving in the rest of the country feels so inefficient. Pshhhh…please…70MPH?!?!

    Let’s be like Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota!

  6. I should arrive in Virginia by Friday. Looking forward to what God has in store for Little Church/Lakewood Grace and me in this sabbatical.

One thought on “If I Were a Cow, I Would Like to be a South Dakotan Cow and other Random Reflections from the Road

  1. Great blog! You’re right on with all observations… although about the cows, now … I’ll have to pay more attention next time I’m in MT and WY!😁👏

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