First Impressions of Bangkok, Thailand

I’ve been in Bangkok, Thailand for about 48 hours. It took a heckalong time getting out here. The worst part of traveling is the jet lag. But I think I’ve finally gotten over the jet lag as of this morning.

Here are some of my first impressions about Bangkok.

First, there are expats everywhere. I wasn’t expecting that. I had read that Bangkok is the #1 visited city in the world, but I still wasn’t expecting to be around so many expats. I am pretty sure it has to do with where I am staying.

Second, there are so many Japanese in this area! There are more Japanese restaurants than Thai places in this area. The condo I am in has more Japanese than Thais. Wasn’t expecting that.

Third, I am surrounded by restaurants and coffee shops! I love this place. The condo I am staying is literally steps away from the BTS (Bangkok’s metro system). Talk about super convenient. I have not had Thai food yet, but I have had lots of good Japanese food and even found a couple of Korean places! I am looking forward to exploring more and finding some good Thai food. Did I already say that I love this place? I love this place.

Fourth, I think Bangkok gets a bad rap. The city is renowned for its sex industry. I am sure it’s there, but it’s no where to be seen where I am staying and hanging out. I am pretty sure that Bangkok is a lot like any other big cities around the world. There are bad parts of town, but one has to go searching for those places.

Las Vegas is in your face about its sex industry with all the pamphlets, leaflets, and advertising. I have seen zero evidence of the sex industry where I am staying and hanging out.

The Thai people have been incredibly pleasant and kind in dealing with this pastor/sabbatical/tourist.

Finally, I am pretty sure I spoke with a ladyboy. I asked a lady in a dress at the local grocery store how to say “Thank you” in Thai and the lady turned around and responded in a man’s voice!

It’s been a good couple of days here. I am looking forward to seeing what God has in store for me in the coming month.

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