Thank God I Didn’t Hit the Powerball Jackpot!

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You didn’t win the Powerball Jackpot? Me either.

I’ve been wondering what I would do with my life had I had hit the jackpot.

First, I would figure out how I could strategically, intelligently, and in a God-honoring way give away a good chunk of the earnings. I think that would be really fun to see how God can bless Kingdom ministries!

Second, I would not stop working. I would be bored out of my mind if I didn’t have something to do. Besides, I love what I do. I would pastor for free.

This got me to think about my calling and my salary. Being a pastor is great. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some really crappy things that happen. If I didn’t have to depend on the paycheck for being a pastor to keep living the lifestyle I currently live, how would I deal with the crappy situations?

I would like to say that it is my calling that keeps me pressing through crappy situations. But if there was a way to evade crappy situations, would I have enough resolve to press on through the crap? I want to believe that I would. I really want to believe that.

Here’s the thing about crappy situations. Growth and maturity rarely happen without crappy situations. In fact, crappy situations often lead to seasons of growth and health.

But crappy situations are really crappy. They are stressful, uncomfortable, yucky, crappy, terrible, miserable, yuck, yuck, yuck, yucky…you get the point. Crappy situations suck.

One of the first temptations in a crappy situation is to run, bolt, get away, quit. What keeps me and other pastors through crappy situations is our calling.

So I would like to think. I really want to believe that to be true.

But, I am not sure.

There have been some really, really crappy situations where had I been given an opportunity to leave and still support my family, I probably would have. You see, crappy situations really suck. And I don’t like crappy, sucky situations. I would much rather avoid them. Even knowing that most crappy, sucky situations led to my growth, if an opportunity to avoid them were available, I would probably eventually choose to avoid them.

So even if I were working as a pastor without a salary, had I won the jackpot, I am not sure how many crappy, sucky situations I would have stuck around for. I think the temptation to quit on pastoral ministry and do the giving money away full-time would have been too great.

All that to say, “Thank God I didn’t hit the jackpot!” You see, that’s why I didn’t win. Thank God I don’t have to deal with that temptation!

What would you have done had you hit the jackpot?

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