Covid-19 – What an Amazing Time to Be the Church

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Friends, the world may seem like a scary place right now.

It seems as though every hour our reality changes for the worse as even more people dying and testing positive for the Covid-19 virus.

The news will only get worse for the immediate future before things get better.

But things aren’t all bad. There is good news!

  • Nothing – NOT ONE THING – of what is happening now is taking God by surprise
  • The God who was sovereign, good, kind, and loving before the Covid-19 virus pandemic is the same God who is sovereign, good, kind, and loving now. Nothing has changed about God – NOT ONE THING
  • The God who had a plan for salvation for the world before the Covid-19 virus pandemic is the same God now. Nothing has changed about God – NOT ONE THING

What has changed is our circumstances.

  • A week ago, it was perfectly fine to gather in public places with many people. Today, public gatherings are not only unwise, but in some places like our’s, it is forbidden
  • NBA has suspended its season
  • NHL, NCAA, MLS will be playing in empty stadiums
  • Covid-19 has reached pandemic proportions

Our world has changed.

The question facing us is “How can the church be the church in such a time as this?” In order to answer that question, you have to ask, “What is the church called to do? ”

And the good news is that the answer is still the same:

  • Make disciples
  • Grow disciples
  • Share the love of Jesus with all people

I have been reading some posts from well meaning pastors who are saying things like, “We are not going to succumb to the rulings of the world and stop worshiping. We will continue to operate as normal.”

The only problem with this statement is that normal has changed. You see, for many young people under 60 the Covid-19 virus is not a death sentence. The mortality rate for young people is quite low. Most will experience the Coronavirus as a flu. But to the aging population in the United States and in our congregations, and those with pre-existing health conditions, Covid-19 is very lethal. And it would be absolutely irresponsible for the church to guilt people into attendance. That is a death sentence.

Instead, what if God is inviting the church to get creative on how she can worship and make disciples, grow disciples, and share the love of Christ with all people in a way that looks differently than how we have been gathering up to now?

  • What if, this is an opportunity for the church to find new and different ways to connect people to one another?
  • What if God is giving us an opportunity to consider new ways of worshiping the living God?
  • What if this is an opportunity for us to discern a church that is centered less on gathering, but more on being the church 24/7?

As I was journaling today I was so thankful. I was thankful that God is allowing us to lead at such a time as this. God actually believes that you and I can lead in this context. God actually entrusts us to lead in such a way that the kingdom is thriving in these new contexts. God actually thinks that you and I can discover and discern ways new and better ways to be a connectional church!

How about that! What an exciting time to be the church! Thank you, Lord.

For such a time as this…

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