Little Church Announcement re Sunday Worship

cropped-screenshot-2019-02-17-at-9.42.17-pm-2.pngDear Little Church Family and Friends:

Friends, the world may seem like a scary place right now. The question facing us is how can the church still be the church in such a time as this?

As many of you have heard, in an effort to slow the spread of the Covid-19 virus, all gatherings of 250 or more are prohibited. While our Little Church worship service does not meet that threshold, given our demographic here and how Covid-19 seems to impact our demographic, we are canceling worship service at the Little Church until further notice. 

Our Lakewoodgrace service, which is held at Harrison Prep, is still scheduled to meet. There is more room to spread out and still worship. You are welcome to worship at Lakewoodgrace. For those who are not able to attend worship with us in person we are making the following arrangements for you to worship with us:

  • Facebook Live. You can join us in worship at 11am from your homes at the Little Church on the Prairie’s Facebook page
  • We will continue to upload the sermons on both and
  • We will have cd’s of the sermon available. If you would like a cd mailed to you, please contact the office 253-588-6631 or office email to

It was reported to us this week that on Feb 29th, a preschool parent who works at a hospital was potentially exposed to Covid-19. The child involved will not return to class until next week. In the meantime, the Preschool staff and our custodian are doing their best to make sure the campus is disinfected and safe.

We have a fantastic opportunity to show our world the difference the love and the sovereignty of God can make in turbulent times. Our staff and session will continue to lead our church to keep our people and campus safe, and at the same time looking at making the greatest kingdom impact possible. 

Even though we may not be meeting in person, the ministry and mission of the church continues as usual. The office remains open, lights are on and the church business continues as usual to serve and minister to our church family and our community. Your tithes and offerings is what makes ministry possible. 

Thank you for being such an amazing, loving, trusting, and faithful congregation. Let us move boldly into God’s future for the Little Church and Lakewoodgrace as we show the world what a church looks like especially in turbulent times like these.

Pastor James      Pastor Brad      Clerk of Session Alan Macpherson

4 thoughts on “Little Church Announcement re Sunday Worship

  1. Hi Pastor, it has been so very long since we’ve spoken. My fault of course. I’ve been so very weak and sick. A heart attack. Still waiting for the prognosis from the two surgeries. I would so appreciate prayer. All my love through Jesus my savir. Kathy stevens

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