Full, Abundant, and Blessed in a Pandemic

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“I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly” (John 10:10)

When we started social distancing, no one anticipated that the covid-19 pandemic would last this long. The reality for the great majority of us at the Little Church and Lakewoodgrace, even when the social distancing restrictions are removed, is that we will need to continue practicing social distancing as most of us are in the most vulnerable population group.

Many of us entered into this season with the mentality that we will endure and survive this season. I want us to re-examine this mindset.

In our verse of the day Jesus tells us the reason why he took on human form to die for the sins of the world and why he rose again from the dead. Jesus tells us, “I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”

Greek has two words that is translated into our English word for life:

  • bio – this is where we get the word biology. This word describes life in the sense of living as opposed to death. This is breathing, existing, surviving.
  • zoa – the fullness of life. This is entirely different than just merely living, existing, surviving. This word describes living a life that is full, blessed, and abundant.

The word for life in our verse for the day is zoa. Jesus tells us that he came that we might live the full, blessed, and abundant life. This is so much more than surviving and enduring. This is life as it was meant to be lived.

As you think about life in this pandemic, Jesus expects us to not only survive, but thrive and grow and mature during this season. Jesus expects our church and for us to grow and thrive during the covid-19 pandemic.

I have been speaking with many of you by phone, and almost all of us are saying that we are doing okay, that we are surviving. I want us to change that mindset. Jesus expects us to grow and thrive. The reason Jesus came is so that we would live the full, blessed, abundant life.

What would it mean for you to thrive during the covid-19 pandemic? What is required for you to live a blessed and abundant life during this season so that when we are able to meet and worship with one another, we are more mature and better than we entered this pandemic?

It begins by changing our mindset from enduring and surviving to thriving and growing. Secondly, it requires us to start looking at our days through the lens of investing. How can we best utilize and invest in our current situation in order to thrive and mature?

I long for the day when we can safely gather together. I also look forward to seeing each of you in your more mature, abundant, and blessed selves.

Think of some things you will need to change in order to thrive and mature during this season and commit yourselves to doing those things.

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