Being the Church

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Although the Little Church on the Prairie and Lakewoodgrace hasn’t been able to meet in person for the past several months, the Little Church on the Prairie and Lakewoodgrace has never ceased to be the church. While the doors to the sanctuary on Sunday mornings may be closed, the ministry of the Little Church and Lakewoodgrace has never stopped.

The only way the church closes is when the people who make up the church stop being the church.

The church was never the building. The church has always been the called people of God. What makes the church the called people of God? What do the called people of God do?

  1. Worship
    The church is made up of people who worship the living God. Although we are not able to gather in the sanctuary or worship space, we’ve not once stopped worshiping together on line
  2. Community
    The church is made up of people who belong to a community of people who serve and love one another in community. We have continued to do so through small groups, multiple Bible studies, choir meetings, and committee meetings by Zoom. The church has gathered to celebrate birthdays, graduations, church holy days through drive by parties
  3. Serving
    The church is made up people who serve and give. Our church people have been picking up supplies for one another, dropping off cooked meals, cookies, sweets, and even floral arrangements for one another. You have been calling, writing notes, and extending your friendship to one another. Your continued generosity through your tithes allow the Little Church and Lakewoodgrace to continue discovering new ways to continue being the church during these unprecedented times

The only way the church stops being the church is when the called people stop worshiping, praying, sharing life together in community, and serving one another. There is no government, no authority, or power to stop the church from being the church.

Thank you for being the church during these unprecedented times. I challenge and encourage you to continue discovering new and creative ways to continue being a church that blesses the lives of others.

We will be a much stronger and better equipped church to Make Disciples, Grow Disciples, and Share the Love of Jesus with all people when we can, once again, safely gather to worship together in person. Until that day, continue being the church by committing to Worship, share life in Community, and Serving and giving.

Jesus expects us to not only make it through this pandemic, but to thrive during this pandemic. We thrive by continuing the practices that make us the church.

It is a privilege to do church with a people like you!

I thank my God every time I remember you…” (Philippians 1:3)

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