He Refreshes My Soul

“He refreshes my soul” (Psalm 23:3).

Owning a house is not the same thing as having a home.

It’s quite possible to sleep and still get no rest.

Someone can have lots of money and still not be rich.

A home, rest, being rich are things money can’t buy.

Because the LORD is our shepherd, he provides us with everything we need for an abundant life. He gives us the security we need to find rest, and he leads us to quiet waters to refresh us.

The Hebrew word for “refresh” is shub. The “b” is pronounced as a “v” – Shoove. This word literally means to restore, to turn back, to return.

You see, the peace we lack is something that has been stolen from us. God created us in shalom – peace. God provided everything we need for an abundant life, everything for shalom, everything for peace. But sin wrecked all that. Sin stole that peace from us.

What God promises in this beloved psalm is to return, restore God’s shalom, God’s peace, God’s abundant life.

One more thing about the Hebrew: this verb is written in the imperfect tense. What that means is that the action described in the verse is incomplete, it is on-going.

God not only restores, refreshes, returns the peace and the shalom of God, but God continues to do so. You see, we leak peace and shalom. We’re not very good at keeping peace and shalom. So, God continues to restore, continues to return, continues to give us his peace and shalom. It’s there for the taking. But you must choose God’s shalom and peace. You have to make time to encounter God’s presence.

Just as we leak peace and shalom, we are prone to miss God’s peace and shalom. Even though it may be staring us right in the face, unless we are actively looking for God, we will miss God’s peace and shalom.

Take the time to seek God’s presence. God’s peace is there for the taking. But you must choose it.

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