For His Name’s Sake

“He guides me along the right paths for his name’s sake.” (Psalm 23:3).

Sheep are defenseless and helpless. Sheep can be mean-spirited and stubborn. Sheep can be quite selfish making life miserable for others.

To top it all off, sheep aren’t the smartest animals in the animal kingdom. Sheep are dumb. Not only that, sheep are inherent followers.

Sheep herders train one sheep to break from the crowd to make its way into the slaughter house, and just as the trained sheep reaches the slaughter house, the herder takes that one out. By then, all the other sheep have followed the trained sheep to the slaughter house. The herders don’t even have to work to herd the sheep. The sheep are natural followers.

This is the reason why sometimes the shepherd has to break the legs of a sheep that wanders off. That one sheep will lead all the other sheep away.

Sheep are defenseless, helpless, mean-spirited, stubborn, selfish, stupid, and inherent followers.

Now do you understand why the bible refers to us sheep?

There is absolutely no reason why the shepherd should love and care for the sheep. But the good shepherd does.

There is no good reason why God should love and care for us. But God does.


For his name’s sake. That’s what our psalm tells us.

God not only cares for us, but he guides along right paths for his name’s sake.

Thanks be to God..

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