Easter Begins at Christmas

Christmas is incomplete without Easter.

Christmas is great. It is my favorite season of the year. But as great as Christmas is, for the Christian, the love story of a God who so loved sinners that he gave his only Son to bear the brunt of God’s wrath so that sinners can be transformed into sinners is incomplete without the cross and the empty tomb.

Christmas – Christ’s coming – didn’t happen by accident, nor in isolation. God willed it from the beginning of time. God knew he would provide a way for sinners to be saved.

I don’t know who wrote this but I find this meaningful and wanted to share it with you:

Easter begins at Christmas. Joy to the world! For unto us a child is born; unto us a Son is given. Away in a manger. Silent night. This is where it begins. And yet we know the rest of the story. This baby was born for one primary purpose: to die.

Surely Mary and Joseph would have been worried, as all first-time parents are, that their newborn would be healthy. They probably experienced relief that he survived his unorthodox birth and lived to his eighth day when they could present him in the temple. And, though they had not been told exactly what it meant, they believed the angel’s words — that this baby would somehow save his people from their sins. The angel did not tell them that he would cause trouble. And so it must have come as some shock to hear the words of the old man Simeon. Their son, their only son, whom they loved, would bring pain. People would say terrible things against him. As Jesus grew, he understood this, hinting to his friends that his destiny would not be a pleasant one. But they failed to understand. Eventually, he stated it explicitly. He would be condemned and murdered, but he would return. One of his closest friends shouted, “Never!” But Jesus was resolute. This Christmas baby was born to be subjected to brutality and humiliation. He would lay down his life so that he could bring eternal life to us all. Joy to the world, indeed. (Author Unknown)

Merry Christmas and Happy Easter!

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