Are You Ready for Your King?

Don’t let Jesus’ gentleness fool you.

Indeed, at Christmas, we celebrate Christ coming in the form of a baby. And because we see Jesus as a baby, we think of him as harmless.

Don’t be fooled by appearances.

While at Christmas we celebrate the coming of Jesus as a baby in the manger, Christians await a second coming where Jesus will come as he is – the King.

The following is taken from “Once a Day: 25 Days of Advent”, and is a fantastic reminder of this reality:

Jesus’ greatness now reaches to the ends of the earth. And those who know him recognize him as faithful and true, one who has not taken his position by force (like so many earthly kings have), but who was chosen from before the beginning of time. And starting that day in Israel, the king first came as a baby, born into the line of Jewish nobility (because it was from among the Israelites that God had decreed a king would come), and yet from a long line of sinful people so he could identify with us and so that we would choose him too. This was the first time he came, not with force, but with the gentleness of an infant.

But the second time will be different. The second time, it will be sudden, and no one will miss it. Almighty God will open the gate of heaven, and Jesus will burst forth as a king, riding triumphant on a white stallion (not a donkey this time), with the armies of heaven following. Our great conquering king will destroy his enemies once and for all, waging and winning a holy war and ruling over all his people. Then he will reveal to a world that has rejected him that he truly is KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS. He will be absolutely sovereign over all people — the lost and the saved — and every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess that he is who we accept and claim that he is — Jesus, Christ, Lord.

Are you ready to meet your King?

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